TransForm64 Check Self-Mailers

Self Mailer Checks by Transform64

Say Goodbye to Pre-Printed Check Stock.

With the fast pace of business today, streamlining your basic accounting tasks isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. TransForm Check Self Mailers enable you to print a check or payroll checks, voucher and envelope in just OnePass through any non-impact printer, no separate label or envelope needed. Then, a quick lift, fold, and seal turns our form into a secure, professional-looking mail piece that's ready for postage and mailing. This simplified process not only saves you time; it helps ensure that every check gets exactly where it needs to go. Issuing checks has never been more innovative, or easier!

The days of managing stocks of pre-printed checks are over. By working with your existing accounting system, TransForm64 blank checks customizes our universal check forms with your bank information, MICR line, signatures and even your logo. Convey an image of prestige by presenting your checks in an attractive and unique way.

Fraud Protection Built Right In

TransForm64 Check Self-Mailers are designed to work with the FREE TransForm64 Software, which includes Positive Pay with Payee Verification. By detecting increased dollar amounts and counterfeit and forgeries, Positive Pay provides you with the most powerful anti-fraud protection available today.

  • Virtually unlimited backgrounds color options.
  • Perfect to print check from Quickbooks.
  • Save time with one-step check printing.
  • Free Positive Pay Software Included.
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud.
  • Eliminate the need for pre-printed check stock.
  • Convey a consistent, professional image to your clients and customers.
  • No folding or post-finishing equipment required.
  • Forms meet all U.S. Postal Service regulations.
transform64 self mailer checks

Check Self-Mailers

Virtually unlimited backgrounds color options:Transform64 print your own check in any color background