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TransForm64 - Self Mailer Checks and Forms

Small Business Accounting, Made Simpler, Easy to use Self Mailer

Right from your non-impact printer, TransForm64 Self-Mailers products fold up easily into attractive and secure forms that are ready for mailing. They require no pre-printing and there's absolutely no need to purchase or lease expensive folding or post-finishing equipment. With TransForm64, you get generic, multipurpose forms that are fast and easy to use with no hidden costs. Our self-mailers meet all U.S. Postal Service regulations and provide high contrast addressing for reject free postal sorting. With our self mailer forms you are able to print custom checks, select colors and logo using your regular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage, and all Windows accounting and tax host software, a Free check writing software is included.

No Folder/Sealer Equipment Required!

How to start saving?

Follow these easy steps and start to Save money and time today!

  • Download our Free Software.
  • Insert the TransForm64 self-mailer document that you
    previously ordered on your inkjet or laser printer.
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  • Print, Fold, add a stamp and send
    Time and money saved in three easy steps!
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We're so confident you're going to love our self-mailers that we'll give you samples of them to try, absolutely free! To get your free TransForm64 Self-Mailers, simply fill out our easy online form and indicate which types of forms you're interested in using and download our FREE check writing software below.

Why our Self Mailer Forms?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could enhance the look of your company's checks, invoices, statements and other business forms--while dramatically saving time on your accounting chores?

  • Save time and improve accuracy.
  • TransForm64 lets you print self-mailing invoices, statements, checks and notices in OnePass™ through any non-impact printer--all you need to do is lift, fold and seal.Since there's no need to print a separate label or envelope, there's less chance of potentially embarrassing mix-ups.

  • Streamline your accounting tasks.
  • Process invoices and payments in a flash! TransForm64 unlocks the potential of popular accounting software packages such as QuickBooks, Sage, and all Windows accounting and tax host software, allowing you to produce invoices, statements, notices and checks in one simple step.* Print your bank information, MICR line, signatures and logos directly onto a universal check mailer. No more security risks associated with storing sensitive financial data--and no more managing check stock inventories for multiple accounts.

  • Protect your business against check fraud.
  • TransForm64 Software includes Free Positive Pay with Payee Verification, a highly effective tool in detecting forged, counterfeit and duplicate checks. Learn more about Positive Pay.Learn more about our Free Positive Pay System.

  • Impress your prospects and customers.
  • Polished and prestigious looking, finished TransForm64 Self-Mailers resemble the eye-catching business communications produced by large corporations. When your customer and prospects receive your mailers, they will know that they are dealing with true professionals.

Fraud Protection Built Right In

With the fast pace of business today, streamlining your basic accounting tasks isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. TransForm64 Check Self Mailers enable you to print a check, voucher and envelope in just OnePass through any non-impact printer, no separate label or envelope needed. Then, a quick lift, fold, and seal turns our form into a secure, professional-looking mail piece that's ready for postage and mailing. This simplified process not only saves you time; it helps ensure that every check gets exactly where it needs to go. Issuing checks has never been more innovative, or easier!

    print your own checks

    Fraud Protection

    Positive Pay Software is included at NO COST.

Our Products

    Fraud Protection Image

    Fraud Protection

    With a fraud-fighting tool built right into its check printing software. It's called Positive Pay with Payee Verification. Take a look
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    TransForm64 UBCs even include a handy peel-off address label for the outgoing envelope. Take a look
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    Two-way Mailers

    Now, with TransForm64 Two-way Mailers, sending invoices, statements, is as easy as the touch of a button! Take a look
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    Check Self-Mailers

    We're so confident you're going to love our self-mailers that we'll give you a stack of them to try, absolutely free! Take a look